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Question 1:

When wireless SSIDs are configured in Dashboard, which setting on the Access Control page affects the ability of a 2.4 GHz-only client device from associating to the WLAN for the first time?

A. Content filtering

B. Bridge mode

C. 802.11r

D. Dual band operating with Band Steering

Correct Answer: D

Question 2:

500-220 dumps questions 2

Refer to the exhibit. This Dashboard organization uses a Co-Termination licensing model.

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Question 1:

500-220 dumps questions 1

Refer to the exhibit. Assuming this MX has established a full tunnel with its VPN peer, how will the MX route the WebEx traffic?

A. WebEx traffic will prefer WAN 2 as long as it meets the thresholds in the “Conf” performance class.

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