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2022 350-401 [Q1]:

Which statements are used for error handling in Python?

A. try/catch
B. try/except
C. block/rescue
D. catch/release

Correct Answer: B

The words “try” and “except” are Python keywords and are used to catch exceptions.
For example:
print 1/0
except ZeroDivisionError:
print \’ Error! We cannot divide by zero!!!\’

2022 350-401 [Q2]:

What is the function of a fabric border node in a Cisco SD-Access environment?

A. To collect traffic flow information toward external networks
B. To connect the Cisco SD-Access fabric to another fabric or external Layer 3 networks
C. To attach and register clients to the fabric
D. To handle an ordered list of IP addresses and locations for endpoints in the fabric.

Correct Answer: B

2022 350-401 [Q3]:

What are two benefits of virtualizing the server with the use of VMs in the data center environment? (Choose two.)

A. Increased security
B. reduced rack space, power, and cooling requirements
C. reduced IP and MAC address requirements

D. speedy deployment
E. smaller Layer 2 domain

Correct Answer: BD

Server virtualization and the use of virtual machines are profoundly changing data center dynamics. Most organizations are struggling with the cost and complexity of hosting multiple physical servers in their data centers. The expansion of the data center, a result of both scale-out server architectures and traditional “one application, one server” sprawl, has created problems in housing, powering, and cooling large numbers of underutilized servers. In addition, IT organizations continue to deal with the traditional cost and operational challenges of matching server resources to organizational needs that seem fickle and ever-changing. Virtual machines can significantly mitigate many of these challenges by enabling multiple application and operating system environments to be hosted on a single physical server while
maintaining complete isolation between the guest operating systems and their respective applications. Hence, server virtualization facilitates server consolidation by enabling organizations to exchange a number of underutilized servers for a single highly utilized server running multiple virtual machines. By consolidating multiple physical servers, organizations can gain several benefits:
Underutilized servers can be retired or redeployed.
Rack space can be reclaimed.
Power and cooling loads can be reduced.
New virtual servers can be rapidly deployed.
CapEx (higher utilization means fewer servers need to be purchased) and OpEx (few servers means a simpler environment and lower maintenance costs) can be reduced.


2022 350-401 [Q4]:

Which IP SLA operation requires the IP SLA responder to be configured on the remote end?

A. ICMP echo
B. UDP jitter
C. CMP jitter
D. TCP connect

Correct Answer: B

Cisco IOS IP SLA Responder is a Cisco IOS Software component whose functionality is to respond to Cisco IOS IP SLA request packets. The IP SLA source sends control packets before the operation starts to establish a connection to the responder. Once the control packet is acknowledged, test packets are sent to the responder. The responder inserts a time-stamp when it receives a packet and factors out the destination processing time and adds timestamps to the sent packets. This feature allows the calculation of unidirectional packet loss, latency, and jitter measurements with the kind of accuracy that is not possible with ping or another dedicated probe testing.
The IP SLAs responder is a component embedded in the destination Cisco device that allows the system to anticipate and respond to IP SLAs request packets. The responder provides accurate measurements without the need for dedicated probes.
UDP Jitter measures the delay, delay variation(jitter), corruption, and misordering packet loss by generating periodic UDP traffic. This operation always requires an IP SLA responder.


2022 350-401 [Q5]:

Which statement about a fabric access point is true?

A. It is in local mode and must be connected directly to the fabric border node.
B. It is in FlexConnect mode and must be connected directly to the fabric border node.
C. It is in local mode and must connect directly to the fabric edge switch.
D. It is in FlexConnect mode and must be connected directly to the fabric edge switch.

Correct Answer: C

Fabric mode APs continue to support the same wireless media services that traditional APs support; apply AVC, quality of service (QoS), and other wireless policies; and establish the CAPWAP control plane to the fabric WLC. Fabric APs join as local-mode APs and must be directly connected to the fabric edge node switch to enable fabric registration events, including RLOC assignment via the fabric WLC. The fabric edge nodes use CDP to recognize APs as special wired hosts, applying special port configurations and assigning the APs to a unique overlay network within a common EID space across a fabric. The assignment allows management simplification by using a single subnet to cover the AP infrastructure at a fabric site.


2022 350-401 [Q6]:

Which network devices secure API platforms?

A. next-generation intrusion detection systems
B. Layer 3 transit network devices
C. content switches
D. web application firewalls

Correct Answer: A

2022 350-401 [Q7]:

Which solution do laaS service providers use to extend a Layer 2 segment across a Layer 3 network?


Correct Answer: C

2022 350-401 [Q8]:

What is the function of the fabric control plane node In a Cisco SD-Access deployment?

A. It is responsible for policy application and network segmentation in the fabric.
B. It performs traffic encapsulation and security profiles enforcement in the fabric.
C. It holds a comprehensive database that tracks endpoints and networks in the fabric.
D. It provides Integration with legacy nonfabric-enabled environments.

Correct Answer: C

Fabric control plane node (C): One or more network elements that implement the LISP Map-Server (MS) and Map-Resolver (MR) functionality. The control plane node`s host tracking database keeps track of all endpoints in a fabric site and associates the endpoints to fabric nodes in what is known as an EID-to- RLOC binding in LISP.


2022 350-401 [Q9]:

Which protocol is used to encrypt control plane traffic between SD-WAN controllers and SDWAN endpoints?

B. IPsec

Correct Answer: A

2022 350-401 [Q10]:

Which two statements about IP SLA are true? (Choose two)

A. It uses NetFlow for passive traffic monitoring
B. It can measure MOS
C. The IP SLA responder is a component in the source Cisco device
D. It is Layer 2 transport-independent correct
E. It uses active traffic monitoring correct
F. SNMP access is not supported

Correct Answer: DE

IP SLAs allows Cisco customers to analyze IP service levels for IP applications and services, increase productivity, lower operational costs, and reduce the frequency of network outages. IP SLAs use active traffic monitoring the generation of traffic in a continuous, reliable, and predictable manner or measuring network performance. Being Layer-2 transport-independent, IP SLAs can be configured end-to-end over disparate networks to best reflect the metrics that an end-user is likely to experience. Reference: mt-book/ sla_overview.html

2022 350-401 [Q11]:

Drag and drop the characteristics from the left onto the infrastructure deployment models on the right.
Select and Place:

Correct Answer:

2022 350-401 [Q12]:

What is used to measure the total output energy of a Wi-Fi device?

A. dBi
C. mW

D. dBm

Correct Answer: C

Output power is measured in mW (milliwatts). answer \’dBi\’ milliwatt is equal to one thousandth (10-3) of a watt.

2022 350-401 [Q13]:

How does the RIB differ from the FIB?

A. The RIB is used to create network topologies and routing tables. The FIB is a list of routes to particular network destinations.

B. The FIB includes many routes and a single destination. The RIB is the best route to a single destination.

C. The RIB includes many routes to the same destination prefix. The FIB contains only the best route

D. The FIB maintains network topologies and routing tables. The RIB is a list of routes to particular network destinations.

Correct Answer: A


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