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15Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (ENWLSI)Lead4PassDec 08, 2022300-430 dumps
New Question 1:

An engineer is responsible for a wireless network for an enterprise. The enterprise has distributed offices around the globe, and all APs are configured in FlexConnect mode. The network must be configured to support 802.11r and CCKM. What needs to be implemented to accomplish this goal?

A. Enable VLAN-based central switching.

B. Enable FlexConnect local authentication.

C. Enable FlexConnect local switching.

D. Create FlexConnect groups.

Correct Answer: D

new 300-430 dumps questions 1

New Question 2:

What is the default IEEE 802.1x AP authentication configuration on a Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Controller?

A. EAP-PEAP with 802.1x port authentication

B. EAP-TLS with 802.1x port authentication

C. EAP-FAST with CAPWAP DTLS + port authentication


Correct Answer: C


New Question 3:

An engineer wants to configure WebEx to adjust the precedence and override the QoS profile on the WLAN. Which configuration is needed to complete this task?

A. Change the WLAN reserved bandwidth for WebEx

B. Create an AVC profile for WebEx

C. Create an ACL for WebEx

D. Change the AVC application WebEx-app-sharing to mark

Correct Answer: D

new 300-430 dumps questions 3


New Question 4:

The IT manager is asking the wireless team to get a report for all guest user associations during the past two weeks. In which two formats can Cisco Prime save this report? (Choose two.)





E. plain text

Correct Answer: AB

New Question 5:

What is an important consideration when implementing a dual SSID design for BYOD?

A. After using the provisioning SSID, an ACL that is used to make the client switch SSIDs forces the user to associate and traverse the network by MAC filtering.

B. If multiple WLCs are used, the WLAN IDs must be exact for the clients to be provisioned and traverse the network correctly.

C. SSIDs for this setup must be configured with NAC State-RADIUS NAC for the clients to authenticate with Cisco ISE, or with NAC State-ISE NAC for Cisco ISE to associate with the client.

D. One SSID is for provisioning and the other SSID is for gaining access to the network. The use of an ACL should not be enforced to make the client connect to the REAL SSID after provisioning.

Correct Answer: D

new 300-430 dumps questions 5

New Question 6:

For security purposes, an engineer enables CPU ACL and chooses an ACL on the Security > Access Control Lists > CPU Access Control Lists menu. Which kind of traffic does this change apply to, as soon as the change is made?

A. wireless traffic only

B. wired traffic only

C. VPN traffic

D. wireless and wired traffic

Correct Answer: D

New Question 7:

A healthcare organization notices many rogue APs and is concerned about a honeypot attack.

Which configuration must a wireless network engineer perform in Cisco Prime Infrastructure to prevent these attacks most efficiently upon detection?

A. Set the auto containment level to 0 and select the Ad Hoc Rogue AP containment option.

B. Set the auto containment level to 0 and select the Using Our SSID containment option

C. Set the manual containment level to 4 and select the Ad Hoc Rogue AP containment option.

D. Set the auto containment level to 4 and select the Using Our SSID containment option.

Correct Answer: C

New Question 8:

A company has a single WLAN configured for 802.1x authentication with the QoS set to Silver. This WLAN supports all corporate and BYOD access. A decision has been made to allow users to install Cisco Jabber on their personal mobile devices. Users report poor voice quality when using Jabber.

QoS is being applied only as a best effort. What must be configured to ensure that the WLAN remains on the Silver class and to ensure the Platinum class for Jabber?

A. Configure an AVC profile for the Jabber traffic and apply it to the WLAN.

B. Configure the WLAN to broadcast on 5 GHz radios only and allow Jabber users to con.

C. Enable Cisco Centralized Key Management on the WLAN so that the Jabber-enabled devices will connect.

D. Configure QoS on the mobile devices that have Jabber installed.

Correct Answer: A


New Question 9:

A wireless engineer needs to implement client tracking. Which method does the angle of arrival use to determine the location of a wireless device?

A. received signal strength

B. triangulation

C. time distance of arrival

D. angle of incidence

Correct Answer: D

new 300-430 dumps questions 9

New Question 10:

After looking in the logs, an engineer notices that RRM keeps changing the channels for non-IEEE 802. 11 interferers. After surveying the area, it has been decided that RRM should not change the channel. Which feature must be enabled to ignore non-802.11 interference?

A. Avoid Cisco AP Load

B. Avoid Persistent Non-WIFI Interference

C. Avoid Foreign AP Interference

D. Avoid Non-802. 11 Noise

Correct Answer: B

Check the Avoid Non-802.11a (802.11b) Noise check box to cause the controller\’s RRM algorithms to consider noise (non-802.11 traffic) in the channel when assigning channels to lightweight access points, or uncheck it to disable this feature. For example, RRM may have access points to avoid channels with significant interference from nonaccess point sources, such as microwave ovens.

The default value is selected. Check the Avoid Persistent Non-WiFi Interference check box to configure the controller to stop ignoring persistent non-Wi-Fi interference in new channel calculation. The persistent non-Wi-Fi interference is considered during the metric calculation for channels.



New Question 11:

What is the default NMSP echo interval between Cisco MSE and a Wireless LAN Controller?

A. 10 seconds

B. 15 seconds

C. 30 seconds

D. 60 seconds

Correct Answer: B

new 300-430 dumps questions 11

New Question 12:

What must be configured on ISE version 2.1 BYOD when using Single SSID?

A. no authentication


C. open authentication

D. 802.1x

Correct Answer: D


New Question 13:

A customer has a distributed wireless deployment model where the WLCs are located in the data centers. Because the file servers are located in the data center, the traffic from the corporate WLAN “Corp-401266017” must go through the controllers, where the guest WLAN “Guest-19283746” traffic must use the local Internet line installed in each office. Which configuration will accomplish this task?

A. Disable Local Switching for the corporate and guest WLAN.

B. Disable Local Switching for the corporate WLAN and enable it for the guest WLAN.

C. Enable Local Switching for the corporate and guest WLAN.

D. Enable Local Switching for the corporate WLAN and disable it for the guest WLAN.

Correct Answer: C

New Question 14:

An engineer configured a Cisco AireOS controller with two TACACS+ servers. The engineer notices that when the primary TACACS+ server fails, the WLC starts using the secondary server as expected, but the WLC does not use the primary

server again until the secondary server fails or the controller is rebooted.

Which cause of this issue is true?

A. Fallback is enabled

B. Fallback is disabled

C. DNS query is disabled

D. DNS query is enabled

Correct Answer: B

new 300-430 dumps questions 14

New Question 15:

Which QoS level is recommended for guest services?

A. gold

B. bronze

C. platinum

D. silver

Correct Answer: B

new 300-430 dumps questions 15

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