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New IBM certifications I 000-743 Dumps Exam Real Questions And Answers (1-20)

Question 1
A remote backup and recovery site within 50 miles of headquarters requires 7 x 24 x 365 data availability in a heterogeneous UNIX environment. Which of the following IBM storage functions best meets the customer’s business continuance requirements?
A.Global Mirror
B.Metro Mirror
D.High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing
Correct Answers: B

Question 2
A rapidly growing distributor is concerned with the possibility of a natural disaster occurring in the area. They currently have two IBM UNIX servers, both being backed up nightly to an IBM TotalStorage 3584 Tape Library. Tapes are taken offsite nightly. In order to help the customer achieve the next level of disaster recovery protection, which of the following is the most cost-effective recommendation?
A.Add additional LTO drives to their library and make two copies of their data nightly.
B.Move the IBM TotalStorage 3584 Tape Library to a remote location and perform backups nightly.
C.Install the IBM System Storage 7710 at their site and make multiple copies of their data that can be restored quickly.
D.Duplicate their existing environment (servers and library) at a remote location.
Correct Answers: B

Question 3
An IBM storage specialist is talking to a client regarding their current tape library and backup strategy. Which of the following would be most appropriate to identify the customer’s business challenges?
A.What tape technology is currently being used?
B.How many tape drives are in the library?
C.What software is being used for backup?
D.Has there been any recent loss of data?
Correct Answers: D

Question 4
In a recent customer meeting, the data center director described ever increasing application storage requirements. Furthermore, the director wants to consolidate storage from multiple, heterogeneous storage arrays onto a single, high performance, highly scalable storage server.
This migration and consolidation needs to be performed quickly and with minimum application downtime. Which IBM product should the sales specialist discuss with the customer?
A.SAN Volume Controller
B.Tivoli Storage Manager
C.SAN File System
D.Enterprise Remote Copy Management Facility
Correct Answers: A

Question 5
A customer has a combination of Microsoft Windows file servers with direct attached storage and IBM pSeries database servers attached to a FAStT 200 SAN device that is reaching capacity.
The customer needs to migrate to a more scalable storage server. Which of the following would be most appropriate to ask in the initial conversation?
A.How much space is available in the current storage systems?
B.What is the version and release level of the database?
C.Will all servers be SAN attached?
D.What is the projected growth rate of data?
Correct Answers: D

Question 6
A customer wants highest availability, serviceability, and performance for open systems and z/OS workload. 000-743 dumps Which of the following solutions would best meet the customer’s needs?
A.IBM TotalStorage DS4800 Storage Server with the IBM TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller
B.IBM TotalStorage DS6800 Storage Server and IBM TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller
C.IBM TotalStorage DS8300 with TotalStorage Productivity Center (TPC)
D.IBM TotalStorage Data Retention 550 and Tivoli Storage Resource Manager
Correct Answers: C

Question 7
A customer is concerned about the high cost of implementing SAN attached storage for their Microsoft Windows application and database servers. They do need to consolidate storage and share data, while utilizing existing network infrastructure. Which IBM TotalStorage product line should be proposed?
A.N Series for CIFS and iSCSI support
B.Multiprotocol Router Model A16 for FCIP support
C.DS300 Storage Server for iSCSI support
D.DS8300 Storage Server for partitioning support
Correct Answers: A

Question 8
Information Technology management for a company is struggling to manage multiple file systems in their current IBM System Storage SAN environment. They would like to manage Microsoft Windows, Linux and UNIX file systems from a single management console. Which product should be discussed with this client?
A.Network File System (NFS)
B.IBM SAN File System (SFS)
C.IBM San Volume Controller (SVC)
D.IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)
Correct Answers: B

Question 9
A customer has a requirement to add twelve additional servers (dual attached) to their existing two Brocade 16 port SAN Switches that have no more ports available. Which of the following should be recommended to accommodate the current capacity requirement, allow for future growth, and provide 2 GB support?
A.One IBM TotalStorage SAN16B-R
B.One IBM TotalStorage SAN16B-2
C.One IBM TotalStorage SAN Director Model M14
D.One Cisco Storage Director MDS 9506
Correct Answers: C

Question 10
A customer has a requirement to replace an aging EMC storage system for SAP in a UNIX environment. The customer has a limited budget and wants the best performance for the price.
Which of the following options would be the most appropriate solution?
A.IBM TotalStorage DS4100
B.IBM TotalStorage DS4800
C.IBM TotalStorage DS6800
D.IBM Enterprise Storage Server
Correct Answers: B

Question 11
A customer has 12 Microsoft Windows 2003 servers that need a total of 2 TB of CIFS file space.
Point-in-Time copy capabilities are required to reduce their backup windows. Which additional software would need to be ordered for an N3700 NAS Filer to meet this capability?
Correct Answers: D

Question 12
A customer has a heterogeneous environment. They want the ability to scale their storage infrastructure to meet rapidly changing business conditions. Which of the following would be most appropriate to discuss with the customer?
A.Business Continuity
B.On Demand Environment
C.Information Lifecycle Management
D.Tiered Storage Hierarchy
Correct Answers: B

Question 13
Which of the following is the best example of Information Lifecycle Management?
A.Creating TSM copy storage pools for exporting of off-site tape volumes
B.Running Global Mirror for remote replication of Oracle Database
C.Migrating infrequently accessed test data from fibre channel disk to SATA disk
D.Migrating data from LTO-1 to LTO-3 tape technology to increase library capacity
Correct Answers: C

Question 14
A long time IBM customer owns both IBM servers and storage. The IBM storage specialist has been asked to present an update on the IBM storage portfolio. 000-743 dumps Which of the following questions from the customer would most likely indicate a competitive storage presence?
A.What is the total internal bandwidth of the IBM TotalStorage DS8100?
B.What is the raw disk capacity of the IBM TotalStorage DS4800?
C.What are the support options available on the IBM TotalStorage DS6800?
D.How can the IBM SAN Volume Controller work in our environment?
Correct Answers: A

Question 15
When describing the features and functions of the DS8000 to the Information Technology director and staff members, a question is raised regarding how I/O performance can be increased (I/O queuing time decreased), while increasing the addressable storage space on their z/OS system. The sales representative needs to schedule another meeting and bring the appropriate specialist to address these concerns. In which subject areas does this specialist need to be proficient?
A.FlashCopy, Global Mirror, and 3390 Mod 3 volumes
B.PAVs, Workload Manager, and 3390 Mod 27 volumes
C.Metro Mirror, Arrays Across Loops, and FICON Express
D.Remote Mirror for z/OS, cache size, and custom volumes
Correct Answers: B

Question 16
The Information Technology director at a prospect is interested in purchasing the IBM TotalStorage N3700, and has asked the IBM storage specialist to help present the solution to the vice president of finance. Which of the following should the IBM storage specialist include in theproposal?
A.A priced configuration showing the list price of the solution.
B.How CIFS and NFS support is included in the base price.
C.How this product lowers Total Cost of Ownership and improves Return On Investment.
D.How the N3700 combines iSCSI, NAS and FiberChannel into a single storage solution.
Correct Answers: C

Question 17
A customer is following a storage consolidation strategy and wants to share a tape library among Microsoft Windows NT, AIX, Sun and mainframe systems. Which of the following directly attached IBM products can satisfy this requirement?
A.IBM TotalStorage Ultrium Tape Library (3582)
B.IBM TotalStorage Ultrium Scalable Tape Library (3583)
C.IBM TotalStorage Ultrascalable Tape Library (3584)
D.IBM TotalStorage Data Retention 550 with 3592 WORM Tape
Correct Answers: C

Question 18
A customer is experiencing bottlenecks in their current IT environment and has expressed a desire to address this issue. The next step for a storage sales specialist would be to
A.present IBM’s On Demand storage strategy to the customer.
B.arrange a meeting with the Board of Directors.
C.quote storage infrastructure that addresses the customer’s issue.
D.determine the customer’s timeframe and budget for a solution.
Correct Answers: D

Question 19
A customer is interested in purchasing a new IBM TotalStorage DS8000 solution to consolidate older ESS and F20 storage systems. What should be done prior to final proposal development?
A.Perform a Disk Magic study.
B.Review e-config with an IBM System Storage Field Technical Sales Support person.
C.Confirm that the customer has enough ports available in the SAN infrastructure.
D.Submit configuration to IBM System Storage Interoperability Center for validation.
Correct Answers: A

Question 20
A customer has a remote engineering location, where both Microsoft Windows and IBM AIX workstations need to share common design and analysis data. 000-743 dumps The proposed solution needs to be cost effective and utilize existing infrastructure. What is the best solution for this requirement?
A.IBM TotalStorage N3700
B.IBM TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller
C.IBM TotalStorage DS4300
D.IBM TotalStorage SAN File System
Correct Answers: A
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