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An engineer is tasked with designing a dual BGP peering solution with a service provider. The design must meet these conditions:

1. The routers will not learn any prefix with a subnet mask greater than /24.

2. The routers will determine the routes to include in the routing table based on the length of the mask alone.

3. The routers will make this selection regardless of the service provider configuration.

Which solution should the engineer include in the design?

A. Use a route map and access list to block the desired networks, and apply the route map to BGP neighbors inbound.

B. Use a route map and prefix list to block the desired networks, and apply the route map to BGP neighbors outbound.

C. Use an IP prefix list to block the desired networks and apply the IP prefix list to BGP neighbors outbound.

D. Use an IP prefix list to block the desired networks and apply the IP prefix list to BGP neighbors inbound.


A company is using OSPF between its HQ location and a branch office. HQ is assigned area 0 and the branch office is assigned area 1. The company purchases a second branch office, but due to circuit delays to HQ, it decides to connect the new branch office to the creating branch office as a temporary measure. The new branch office is assigned area 2.

Which OSPF configuration enables all three locations to exchange routes?

A. The existing branch office must be configured as a stub area
B. A virtual link must be configured between the new branch office and HQ
C. A sham link must be configured between the new branch office and HQ
D. The new branch office must be configured as a stub area


How is end-to-end microsegmentation enforced in a Cisco SD-Access architecture?

A. VLANs are used to segment traffic at Layer 2.
B. 5-tuples and ACLs are used to permit or deny traffic.
C. SGTs and SGTACLs are used to control access to various resources.
D. VRFs are used to segment traffic at Layer 3.


Which two routing protocols allow for unequal cost load balancing? (Choose two.)

E. RIPng


Drag and drop the characteristics from the left onto the telemetry mode they apply to on the right.
Select and Place:

Correct Answer:


How is redundancy achieved among Cisco vBond Orchestrators in a Cisco SD-WAN deployment?

A. The IP addresses of all Orchestrators are mapped to a single DNS name.
B. The closest Orchestrator to each Cisco WAN Edge router is selected.
C. Cisco WAN Edge routers are configured with all Orchestrators using their IP addresses and priority.
D. A single Cisco Orchestrator is deployed in each network.


Refer to the exhibit. AS65533 and AS65530 are announcing a partial Internet routing table as well as their IP subnets.

An architect must create a design that ensures AS64512 does not become a transit AS. Which filtering solution must the architect choose?

A. no-advertise
B. next-hop
C. no-export
D. maximum-prefix


Refer to the exhibit. An engineer must design an automatic failover solution. The solution should allow HSRP to detect a WAN 1 failure and initiate an automatic failover, making router R2 the active HSRP router. Which two solutions should the engineer choose? (Choose two.)

A. Implement Enhanced Object Tracking on roster R1
B. use a floating static route
C. Implement IP SLA on router R1
D. Implement PBR on router R1
E. use IP source routing


Which two functions does the control plane node provide in a Cisco SD-Access architecture? (Choose two.)

A. LISP proxy ETR
B. host tracking database
C. policy mapping
D. map server
E. endpoint registration


How is sub-second failure of a transport link detected in a Cisco SD-WAN network?

A. Hellos are sent between the WAN Edge routers and the vSmart controller.
B. BFD runs on the IPsec tunnels between WAN Edge routers.
C. BGP is used between WAN Edge routers and the vSmart controller.
D. Link state change messages are sent between vSmart controllers.


Refer to the exhibit. The distribution switches serve as the layer 3 boundary. HSRP preemption is enabled. When the primary switch comes back after a failure, traffic is initially dropped. Which solution must be implemented to improve the design?

A. split-horizon
B. summarization
C. down bit
D. route tags


Refer to the exhibit. An architect must design an IP addressing scheme for a multisite network connected via a WAN transit. The campus site must accommodate 12,000 devices and the branch sites must accommodate 1,000 devices.

Which address scheme optimizes network device resources, contains convergence events to the different blocks of the network, and ensures future growth of the network?

A. Campus: Branch1: Branch2:
B. Campus: Branchi: Branch2:
C. Campus: Branch1: Branch2:
D. Campus: Branch1: Branch2:


A customer with an IPv4 only network topology wants to enable IPv6 connectivity while preserving the IPv4 topology services. The customer plans to migrate IPv4 services to the IPv6 topology, then decommission the IPv4 topology.

Which topology supports these requirements?

A. dual stack
C. 6to4
D. NAT64

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