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What is the common artifact that is used to uniquely identify a detected file?
A. Hash
B. Timestamp
C. File size
Correct Answer: A

Which CVSSv3 Attack Vector metric value requires the attacker to physically touch or manipulate the vulnerable
A. local
B. physical
C. network
D. adjacent
Correct Answer: B

Which element is included in an incident response plan?
A. organization mission
B. junior analyst approval
C. day-to-day firefighting
D. siloed approach to communications
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following is an example of a managed security offering where incident response experts monitor and
respond to security alerts in a security operations center (SOC)?
A. Cisco CloudLock
B. Cisco\\’s Active Threat Analytics (ATA)
C. Cisco Managed Firepower Service
D. Cisco Jasper
Correct Answer: B

Which option is unnecessary for determining the appropriate containment strategy according to NIST.SP800-61 r2?
A. effectiveness of the strategy
B. time and resource needed to implement the strategy
C. need for evidence preservation
D. attack vector used to compromise the system
Correct Answer: D

Which CVSSv3 metric value increases when the attacker is able to modify all files protected by the vulnerable
A. confidentiality
B. integrity
C. availability
D. complexity
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following is true about attribution in a cybersecurity investigation?
A. A suspect-led approach is often accepted in supreme courts.
B. A suspect-led approach is pejorative and often biased to the disadvantage of those being investigated.
C. A suspect-led approach is mostly used in corporate investigations.
D. A suspect-led approach is mostly used in private investigations.
Correct Answer: B

Which component of the NIST SP800-61 r2 incident handling strategy reviews data?
A. preparation
B. detection and analysis
C. containment, eradication, and recovery
D. post-incident analysis
Correct Answer: D

Refer to the Exhibit. A customer reports that they cannot access your organization\\’s website. Which option is a
possible reason that the customer cannot access the website?lead4pass 210-255 exam question q9

A. The server at is using up too much bandwidth causing a denial- of-service.
B. The server at has a virus.
C. A vulnerability scanner has shown that has been compromised.
D. Web traffic sent from has been identified as malicious by Internet sensors.
Correct Answer: D

Which analyzing technique describe the outcome as well as how likely each outcome is?
A. deterministic
B. exploratory
C. probabilistic
D. descriptive
Correct Answer: C

Which network device creates and sends the initial packet of a session?
A. source
B. origination
C. destination
D. network
Correct Answer: A

At which stage attacking the vulnerability belongs in Cyber kill chain?
A. Exploitation
B. Reconnaissance
C. Weaponization
D. Delivery
E. Installation
F. Command and control (C2)
G. Actions on objectives
Correct Answer: A

Which element can be used by a threat actor to discover a possible opening into a target network and can also be used
by an analyst to determine the protocol of the malicious traffic?
B. ports
C. SMTP replies
D. IP addresses
Correct Answer: B

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