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CCNP Service Provider Certification and Training:

The Implementing and Operating Cisco Service Provider Network Core Technologies v1.0 (SPCOR 350-501) exam is a 120-minute exam associated with the CCNP Service Provider, CCIE Service Provider, and Cisco Certified Specialist – Service Provider Core certifications. This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of implementing core service provider network technologies including core architecture, services, networking, automation, quality of services, security, and network assurance. The course, Implementing and Operating Cisco Service Provider Network Core Technologies, helps candidates prepare for this exam.

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All Cisco Service Provider Exam pdf, brain dumps, Exam Video lead4pass 350-501 exam pdf lead4pass 350-501 exam youtube Implementing and Operating Cisco Service Provider Network Core Technologies (350-501 SPCOR) 117 Q&A
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Latest updates Cisco 350-501 exam practice questions

Which additional feature does MPLS DiffServ tunneling support?
A. matching EXP and DSCP values
B. PHB layer management
C. using GRE tunnels to hide markings
D. interaction between MPLS and IGP
Correct Answer: B

How can a network administrator secure rest APIs?
A. They can have a general administrator login for multiple users to access that has command entries logged.
B. They can authenticate user sessions and provide the appropriate privilege level.
C. They can ensure that user sessions are authenticated using TACACS+ only.
D. They can allow read and write privileges to all users.
Correct Answer: B

QUESTION 3lead4pass cisco 350-501 question q3

Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements about the IS-IS topology are true? (Choose two.)
A. R1 and R4 are Level 2 neighbors.
B. All four routers are operating as Level 1-2 routers.
C. All four routers are operating as Level 2 routers only.
D. All four routers are operating as Level 1 routers only.
E. R1 and R2 are Level 2 neighbors.
Correct Answer: AB

QUESTION 4lead4pass cisco 350-501 question q4

Refer to the exhibit. You are configuring an administrative domain in the given multi-vendor environment with PIM-SM.
Which feature can you implement so that devices can dynamically learn the RP?
C. Auto-RP
Correct Answer: C

In an MPLS network, which protocol can be used to distribute a Segment Prefix?
Correct Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. What does this value mean when it is received in XML?
A. It indicates a value assigned by a network administrator to tag a route.
B. It indicates a break in a sequence.
C. It means a data field is blank.
D. It shows the ending of the script.
Correct Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass cisco 350-501 question q7

Router 2 connects OSPF area 1 and area 0. Router 2 receives LSA type 1 from Router 1 in area 1. How many type 3
LSAs will be generated by Router 2 into area 0 to advertise all prefixes that are announced by the Router 1 LSA type 1
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Correct Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass cisco 350-501 question q8

A company is deploying IPv6 using a dual-stack approach. OSPFv2 is used for IPv4 routing and is redistributed into the
BGP IPv4 address family. The network engineer also needs to enable OSPFv3 for IPv6 routing using the same design
that is used for OSPFv2. All prefixes in the OSPFv3 database must be redistributed into the BGP IPv6 address family at
router R2, but R3 does not receive the loopback 0 IPv6 address of R2 via BGP.
Which action will fix this problem?
A. redistribution of BGP routes into OSPFv3
B. redistribution of OSPFv3 routes into BGP with include-connected
C. mutual redistribution of OSPFv3 and BGP routes
D. redistribution of connected OSPFv3 routes
Correct Answer: B

How can shared services in an MPLS Layer 3 VPN provide Internet access to the Customers of a central service
A. Static routes on CE routers allow route leakage from a PE global routing table.
B. The CE router can establish a BGP peering to a PE router and use the PE device to reach the Internet.
C. The customer VRF uses route targets to import and export routes to and from a shared services VRF.
D. Route distinguishers are used to identify the routes that CEs can use to reach the Internet.
Correct Answer: C

Which two IS-IS parameters must match before two Level 2 peers can form an adjacency? (Choose two.)
A. hello timer setting
B. authentication settings
C. area ID
D. system ID
Correct Answer: BE

QUESTION 11lead4pass cisco 350-501 question q11

Refer to the exhibit. Which effect of this configuration is true?
A. It enables MPLS on the interface.
B. It creates a pseudowire class named cisco.
C. It enables AToM on interface gigabitethernet1/0.
D. It enables tagging for VLAN 12 on the interface.
Correct Answer: C

Drag and drop the multicast concepts from the left onto the correct descriptions on the right.
Select and Place:lead4pass cisco 350-501 question q12

Correct Answer:

lead4pass cisco 350-501 question q12-1

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