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15Conducting Forensic Analysis and Incident Response Using Cisco Technologies for CyberOps ( 300-215 CBRFIR )Lead4PassNov 17, 2022300-215 PDF

An engineer is investigating a ticket from the accounting department in which a user discovered an
unexpected application on their workstation. Several alerts are seen from the intrusion detection system of unknown outgoing internet traffic from this workstation. The engineer also notices a degraded processing capability, which complicates the analysis process. Which two actions should the engineer take? (Choose two.)

A. Restore to a system recovery point.
B. Replace the faulty CPU.
C. Disconnect from the network.
D. Format the workstation drives.
E. Take an image of the workstation.

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new 300-215 exam questions 2

Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer is analyzing a Wireshark file to determine the HTTP request that
caused the initial Ursnif banking Trojan binary to download. Which filter did the engineer apply to sort the
Wireshark traffic logs?

A. HTTP. request.un matches
B. tls. handshake.type ==1
C. TCP. port eq 25
D. TCP. window_size ==0

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What is the transmogrify anti-forensics technique?

A. hiding a section of a malicious file in unused areas of a file
B. sending malicious files over a public network by encapsulation
C. concealing malicious files in ordinary or unsuspecting places
D. changing the file header of a malicious file to another file type

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A security team receives reports of multiple files causing suspicious activity on users’ workstations. The file attempted to access highly confidential information in a centralized file server. Which two actions should be taken by a security analyst to evaluate the file in a sandbox? (Choose two.)

A. Inspect registry entries
B. Inspect processes.
C. Inspect file hash.
D. Inspect file type.
E. Inspect PE header.

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A security team detected an above-average amount of inbound TCP/135 connection attempts from
unidentified senders. The security team is responding based on their incident response playbook. Which
two elements are part of the eradication phase for this incident? (Choose two.)

A. anti-malware software
B. data and workload isolation
C. centralized user management
D. intrusion prevention system
E. enterprise block listing solution

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new 300-215 exam questions 6

Refer to the exhibit. Which type of code is being used?

A. Shell
B. VBScript
D. Python

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What is the goal of an incident response plan?

A. to identify critical systems and resources in an organization
B. to ensure systems are in place to prevent an attack
C. to determine security weaknesses and recommend solutions
D. to contain an attack and prevent it from spreading

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An employee receives an email from a “trusted” person containing a hyperlink that is malvertising. The employee clicks the link and the malware downloads. An information analyst observes an alert at the SIEM and engages the cybersecurity team to conduct an analysis of this incident in accordance with the incident response plan. Which event detail should be included in this root cause analysis?

A. phishing email sent to the victim
B. alarm raised by the SIEM
C. information from the email header
D. alert identified by the cybersecurity team

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A network host is infected with malware by an attacker who uses the host to make calls for files and shuttle traffic to bots. This attack went undetected and resulted in a significant loss. The organization wants to ensure this does not happen in the future and needs a security solution that will generate alerts when command and control communication from an infected device is detected. Which network security solution should be recommended?

A. Cisco Secure Firewall ASA
B. Cisco Secure Firewall Threat Defense (Firepower)
C. Cisco Secure Email Gateway (ESA)
D. Cisco Secure Web Appliance (WSA)

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An engineer received a call to assist with an ongoing DDoS attack. The Apache server is being targeted,
and availability is compromised. Which step should be taken to identify the origin of the threat?

A. An engineer should check the list of usernames currently logged in by running the command $ who |
cut –d’ ‘ -f1| sort | uniq

B. An engineer should check the server’s processes by running commands ps -aux and Sudo ps -a.

C. An engineer should check the services on the machine by running the command service -status-all.

D. An engineer should check the last hundred entries of a web server with the command sudo tail -100 /

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A scanner detected a malware-infected file on an endpoint that is attempting to beacon to an external site.

An analyst has reviewed the IPS and SIEM logs but is unable to identify the file’s behavior. Which logs
should be reviewed next to evaluate this file further?

A. email security appliance
B. DNS server
C. Antivirus solution
D. network device

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What are YARA rules based upon?

A. binary patterns
B. HTML code
C. network artifacts
D. IP addresses

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A security team received reports of users receiving emails linked to external or unknown URLs that are
non-returnable and non-deliverable. The ISP also reported a 500% increase in the amount of ingress and
egress email traffic received. After detecting the problem, the security team moves to the recovery phase
in their incident response plan. Which two actions should be taken in the recovery phase of this incident?
(Choose two.)

A. verify the breadth of the attack
B. collect logs
C. request packet capture
D. remove vulnerabilities
E. scan hosts with updated signatures

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An engineer received a report of a suspicious email from an employee. The employee had already opened
the attachment, which was an empty Word document. The engineer cannot identify any clear signs of
compromise but while reviewing running processes, observes that PowerShell.exe was spawned by
cmd.exe with a grandparent winword.exe process. What is the recommended action the engineer should

A. Upload the file signature to threat intelligence tools to determine if the file is malicious.
B. Monitor processes as this is a standard behavior of Word macro embedded documents.
C. Contain the threat for further analysis as this is an indication of suspicious activity.
D. Investigate the sender of the email and communicate with the employee to determine the motives.

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